Fashion Games 4 Girls

Fashion games 4 girls – Mens fashion socks – Casual fashion 2011.

Fashion Games 4 Girls

fashion games 4 girls

fashion games 4 girls – MumboJumbo 10680

MumboJumbo 10680 Games 4 Girls (Cooking Academy / Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel / Penguins! / Fashion Apprentice)
MumboJumbo 10680 Games 4 Girls (Cooking Academy / Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel / Penguins! / Fashion Apprentice)
4 Games for Girls ~ $80 Value!Product InformationGirls will have fun with four full featured games sure to keep them entertained for hours! Grab your oven mitts and chef’s hat and play through 38 mini games and five courses in Cooking Academy. A seaside amusement park is swirling with secrets and a stolen antique carousel horse in Nancy Drew: the Haunted Carousel. Join Ace the penguin on his escape through 80+ levels of penguin-puzzle fun in Penguins! Help Anna realize her dream of breaking into the fashion industry in Fashion Apprentice.Product Titles IncludedCooking AcademyNancy Drew: The Haunted CarouselPenguins!Fashion ApprenticeProduct OverviewCooking AcademyGrab your oven mitts and don your chef’s hat! Cooking Academy is the game that places you in the kitchen of prestigious culinary school. From egg rolls to pancakes, from ravioli to creme brulee, it’s up to you to prepare more than 50 different recipes. Learn interesting trivia bout food, while mastering the skills of chopping, kneading, mashing, flipping, frying, and much more! Unlock new recipes and trophies by passing your cooking courses and exams. Are you ready ot be a Master Chef? Well then, it’s time to enroll at the Cooking Academy!Features:38 different mini-games, including exams for each courseWhip up appetizers, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessertFlip, stir, whip, and crack your way through Cooking AcademyNancy Drew: The Haunted CarouselGrab the reins on a whirlwind ride into the secrets of Captain’s Cove in this Nancy Drew Mystery 8 The Haunted Carousel! The past and future blur together when you, as Nancy Drew, investigate the strange events surrounding the Captain’s Cove Amusement Park. A freak roller coaster accident and a carousel with a mind of its own draw Nancy deep into a dangerous circle of falsehood and fear. Everyone you meet puts a different spin on the story. Will this merry-go-round ride brin

Garden Party #4

Garden Party #4
Ta-Da!! For a Society Girl, the Olympic Games are just another excuse for a party! And who needs excuses, with all those hunky foreign athletes in town? Girls, get into your glad rags and get yourselves down to Stratford – that’s where the action is this week! (For those of you who don’t know London, Stratford is an imaginary district – quite close to Walford, where ‘Eastenders’ takes place!)

Anyway, I hope this outfit will get me invited into a few Gold Medal celebration parties… On second thoughts, maybe I should head up-river instead – to Eton Dorney, where the posh types are competing in the Olympic Regatta…? Or the Olympic Polo Tournament…?! Oops, what a giveaway – equestrianism is the theme of my very next post…!

Lots more to come soon, but bye bye for now. Kisses to all my fabulous friends!

mini fashion doll game room 1971

mini fashion doll game room 1971
Manufactured by Amsco Industries, a Milton Bradley Company
Produced for 2 years, 1971 and 1972
Part of the "Girls World" line of toys
Suitable for ages 4 to (ahem) 40